Clear mind open eyes.

Our stories center on Enno, Genie and Saint, three soulmates who face global sins like piggery, pollution and war. They embody the elemental forces of Fire, Water and Air.

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Enno controls the element fire to fight apocalyptic dangers.

He is a hero who rebels against the system, breaks the rules and starts revolutions.

He is perceived as the brave, fearless and strong fighter for the good.


Genie controls the elements water and ice to fight apocalyptic dangers.

She represents the universal genius and a visionary world where everything is possible: a life without piggery, war and pollution.

She is perceived as visionary and creative, seeking opportunities and solutions to transform the world.


Saint controls the element air to fight apocalyptic dangers.

He/she is an austere hero who wants to bring believe and hope to the world.

He/she is perceived as selfless, merciful and pure.

With clear minds and open eyes, our three protagonists represent the heroic qualities of all humans, ready to guide the world towards a sustainable and humanitarian future.